pretty freshwater pearl necklace

we have several beautiful natural pearl necklaces in stock, all of them are from inner lake of south China. For example:, recent year, people like more fashion irregular pearl other than classical round pearl. So some manufacture use those pearls of different color and different shape to make fancy necklace.


Leaving back to Beijing

it is almost more than one month, I am so happy that I can go back to Beijing.

SH is good city, we can say it is an amazing city, which I told my class mate in UK ten years ago. The target for the trip has been accomplished. I traveled to several other cities, like GuangZhou,WenZhou, Yiwu, and went back to my hometown Suzhou. I can not believe that I can make it within one month.

I purchased some pearls necklace and brooch etc in Suzhou, they are beautiful, like, It is extremely white and round, though it is pricey, but I think it is worthy to buy.

I visited some shops in Yiwu, they also make and sale pearls, but I don’t think the product in Suzhou is better, maybe next time I can try to visit Zhuji, which is another big pearls market in China.

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